Yacht Events and Travels

Yachting events are often seen as an “elitist” occasion of the rich and well known. Obviously, you do need to have a yacht to go yachting in else it’s called swimming, and yachts don’t come shoddy. I was entirely impressed when my sweetheart offered to take me out on his yacht but that soon faded when it turned out to be little more than a wooden dinghy. But he was so proud of it.  It seems there is a certain something to being out on the water, mastering the elements of wind and water to control a vessel and make it go in the direction you want it to, preferably without causing others to take aversive action. I have enough trouble making my sober legs go in the right direction without causing grief to passers-by!  When it comes to the yachting world, BMW is leaders in this event. It seems there’s more to them than simply building and supplying flashy cars. There is a whole yachting team coming from BMW, and they are well known for the triumphs over others in this arena.  Racing sailing boats began back in the seventeenth century in the Netherlands but soon became popular around the globe. The America’s Cup is the main yachting event known around the world today located in St. Petersburg and Seminole and is the most prestigious regatta you could be seen at. Top yacht designers and sailors look to winning this event as a lifetime achievement and obtaining the Louis Vuitton Cup is a triumph to be sought after.  The people at BMW have a fascination for speed and transportation. Not content with conquering the world of street cars they moved on to racing cars, creating their golf events and now yachting. They understand the physics behind yachting and are eager to become the best and the fastest, on water as they are on land.  BMW’s understanding of essentials like gravity, navigation, handling at speed, design and ergonomics place them in a good position to build and race yachts. This will also have the knock on effect of them being able to apply this knowledge to their cars.  Yachting is not an area where many typical car manufacturers venture into which leaves BMW ahead of the game but with a history such as that of Mercedes of Volkswagen they could do worse than to get involved.  The United States, New Zealand, Spain, Austria and the Isle of Wight are all excellent locations for yachting and events are often held at these locations. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that most of them are surrounded by large open bodies of water and good winds.   Of course, there is a whole social status to being able to yacht. Affording it is one thing although many people will sell their houses and trade in their kids for a sea-going vessel that will be the envy of all those that sail with them. You also have to have shares in a company that sells blue and white striped clothes and Aran jumpers – attire that no respectable sailor would be seen without.  This is an excellent excuse for women to buy new white pumps – good for grip on board and they look fantastic with a tan. That would be a San Tropez tan of course. You also need to have a penchant for Pimms or gin and tonic. No sailing event is worth getting wet for other than one that contains alcohol – it counteracts the sea sickness.  For after fun injuries and physical therapy Hat City Physical Therapy I would like to thank Hartford Limo Service for their help this past weekend. Www.hartfordlimoservice.org
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